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Dear Alumni,
Greetings! I am happy to share with you the latest departmental updates as we begin another academic year. I would especially like to highlight our record-breaking class of 24 Ph.D. graduates last year, a new GAANN grant to support graduate fellowships, and an IRES grant to foster international collaboration. Also, we now have a departmental facebook page which you can access from the icon below. Read More

Faculty News

Our faculty members have been busy as usual. We welcome John Parkhill and acknowledge Bob Scheidt's transition to full-time research. We also congratulate award winners Norm Dovichi, Prashant Kamat, Zac Schultz, Marv Miller, Patricia Clark, Dan Gezelter, Jim Johnson, and Kathleen Cannon. Read More

Research in the News

We are excited to report that multiple research projects have garnered media attention. These project include a low-cost analytical tool for use in under-developed regions and a new HPV test. Read More

Departmental News

Undergraduate Research

This has been a great year for recognition of the efforts in our department. The administrative and service staff were selected for a 2013 Team Irish Award for demonstrating excellence in the University's five Core Values. The department also received two grants to support graduate students, including a GAANN (Gradaute Assistance in Areas of National Need) award from the US Dept. of Education and an IRES (International Research Experiences for Students) grant from the NSF. Read More

Student & Alumni News



Our students and alumni continue to make us proud, from our recent graduates at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, to student and alumni award recipients, Here we celebrate with our newest alumni and with all of those whose work has been recently recognized. Read More


Periodic Table of Elements

The Benchmark: Seven Questions for Professor Xavier Crearycrearysquare






1) When did you realize you wanted to be a scientist, and what led you to mechanistic organic chemistry?

When I was in grade school, around the 6th or 7th grade, I liked to mix things together in the kitchen and see what would happen. I had a Gilbert chemistry set, which would probably be considered dangerous now, but they were popular then. Also, my older brother liked to make gun powder and watch things explode, and I was fascinated by it. I have always been interested in why and how things work. The instructor who taught my first organic chemistry course was an organic chemist who was interested in reaction mechanisms. He encouraged students to go on to graduate school and talked about important organic chemists at different school that would arise during class, so certainly the influence of teachers led me to organic chemistry. Also, organic chemistry answers the questions of why something occurs and how things are involved - organic makes sense. Read More

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