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Dear Alumni,
Welcome to the second installment of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry's alumni newsletter. Much has transpired in the department since the launching of our inaugural newsletter, and I'm delighted to be able to bring you up to date. Read More


Faculty News

We extend a warm welcome to Laurie Littlepage, the newest member of our faculty who joined us this summer. As an assistant professor, Laurie will be directing research in the Mike and Josie Harper Cancer Research Institute. Prior to joining us, Laurie was a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF. She obtained her doctorate in cell and molecular biology from Harvard and holds a B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Texas. Read More


Faculty Awards

Hearty congratulations to Graham Lappin and Brad Smith who were named Fellows of the Royal Society of Chemistry this past year.  Graham, who has been a faculty member since 1982, is a mechanistic inorganic chemist who specializes in electron-transfer and atom-transfer reactions. As Department Chair from 1993-2002 and again from 2005-2009, he oversaw the growth of many facets of the department. Read More

Alumni News










What better way to kick off the electronic version of the alumni newsletter than to acknowledge our newly minted alumni.  On May 20 of this year, chair Ken Henderson presided over a departmental diploma ceremony for the Class of 2012. Read More


Department News

Undergraduate Research

The department is delighted to announce the creation of the Nicholas C. Angelotti Undergraduate Research Fund in Analytical Chemistry. 

The fund, which will provide summer stipends for undergraduate researchers Read More

Periodic Table of Elements

The Benchmark: Seven Questions for Professor Marvin Miller

Marvin Miller

1) When did you realize you wanted to be a scientist and, more specifically, what led you to focus on organic chemistry?

My science teachers in my high school (Assumption Abbey--a Benedictine monastery in western North Dakota) really kindled my interest. My chemistry teacher left a lot of information open that my classmates and I questioned and then my physics teacher, Fr. David, was awesome and filled us with the wonders of how and why things work from the atomic level on up. Then, my sophomore year at North Dakota State, my organic teacher, Socrates Peter Pappas. Read More

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